Technology Transfer

The CRG reached an inflexion point in terms of technology transfer during 2013; two patents from the CRG patent portfolio entered national phases, reflecting the increasing maturity of its patent portfolio. One of the patents consists of protecting novel inhibitors of signalling through the tumour necrosis factor (TNF) superfamily of ligands and receptors, in particular the RANK/RANKL pathway relevant in osteoporosis and other bone disorders, cancer and metabolic disease. The other consists of a gene therapy approach for the treatment of Huntington disease based on the use of novel Zinc-finger proteins.

The technology transfer department has raised competitive European funding for valorisation of internal projects by obtaining an ERC Proof of Concept grant, making the total amount of external valorisation funds secured through the office since 2009 885,000 euros.

In 2013 a total of seven licenses, service and collaboration agreements have been executed, showing a slight decrease with regard to 2012, but in line with previous years. Of note, a co-development agreement with Ferrer International has been signed for tissue regeneration through cell reprogramming.

Additionally, during the last quarter of 2013, Pablo Cironi joined the CRG as the new Head of the Technology Transfer Department, replacing Xavier RĂºbies, who left the CRG in June.