Communication & Outreach

One of the strategic objectives of the CRG activity of is “to communicate and establish a dialogue with society, educating the public and taking into account their demands and needs.” To this end, during 2013 the number of activities organised continued to increase. 156 activities were held, including workshops for primary and secondary schools, training courses for teachers, school visits, summer internships, the open day, science cafés, “Easy Science” conferences and participation in fairs and events for the dissemination of science. As a novelty, in the last quarter of 2013, the CRG launched the itinerant scientific picture exhibition “TREE OF LIFE. The complexity of life: from the cell to a living organism”, which will be in Alicante and Barcelona in 2014. The CRG also participates in two EU funded science communication projects: EuroStemCell (since 2010) and CommHERE / HorizonHealth (since 2011), together with leading research institutes across Europe.

Apart from these engagement activities, the CRG went one step further in 2013 by inaugurating a new facility to hold educational workshops for school students and training courses for scientists. The so-called “Teaching & Training Lab”, houses state-of-the-art equipment, which was donated by several companies related to research. This facility opens a new avenue of communication between the CRG and society, bringing the science carried out by researchers at the institute closer to the general public.

Furthermore, the different findings published in top scientific journals, the activities organised and the recognition of the CRG as a research institute of reference in the biomedical arena led, throughout the year, to articles in the press and online media, as well as participation by scientists in radio and television programmes. Moreover, during 2013 the presence of the CRG in social networks, which are proving to be a very effective additional dissemination tool for all activities, increased remarkably.

2013 was a particularly busy year in terms of seminars, sessions and scientific meetings, all held at the facilities of the institute. It is worth highlighting the scientific meetings “LightSheet Microscopy Workshop”, the Quantissue Meeting 2013: “Computational approaches to networks, cells and tissues”, the “CRG Science Career Day” (1st edition), the 12th CRG Symposium: “BCN2 – Biological Control Networks in Barcelona”, and 4 editions of the Core Facilities Technology Symposia series.

Also, in the autumn of 2013, in order to continue expanding the scientific photographic resources, we organised the third edition of the internal CRG Scientific Photography Competition. The level of participation and quality of the photographs submitted was particularly notable. The winning entries were announced at the Christmas party, where the artists received their prizes.

CRG Communication & Outreach figures

Outreach activities: 156
Audience reached: nearly 8,000 people
Press releases & short pieces of news: 56
Written/online media appearances: 510
Radio/TV appearances: 55
Blogs: 13
International meetings: 17
High profile seminars: 108

Teaching & Training Lab
Teaching & Training Lab
Prize winning picture
Prize winning picture "Harmothoe Areolata Scale"
First short-listed picture:
First short-listed picture: "Billy the Worm"
Second short-listed picture:
Second short-listed picture: "Visualising 3D Developing Tissue in an Embryonic Mouse"